How Will The Cards Fall?

I never claimed to be overly informed about a lot of professions. I don’t know what a grip on a movie set does nor can I explain what happens on an off shore oil rig. One thing I do know, with great detail and accuracy, is the life of a nurse on shift. While we… Continue reading How Will The Cards Fall?

Have You Ever Wanted To Just Run Away?

Just like many people, there are things in my life that before I did or experienced them, they were on my never ever list. Some things turned out to be unexpectedly great – like becoming a hospice nurse. Before actually working as one, my belief was that this was something that was morose and miserable.… Continue reading Have You Ever Wanted To Just Run Away?

The Things We Don’t Dare Say

I can’t tell you how many times you cross my mind during the day. I can’t tell you how I worry about you and your family. I can’t tell you the times I have left our visits with a smile only to turn the corner and allow the hot tears to pour down my cheeks.… Continue reading The Things We Don’t Dare Say

Just Not Ready

“I know you can’t give a specific timeframe, but”… How I wish I had crystal ball that clued me in on events that have yet to happen…. The end of life is such a profoundly individual experience. Much like the labor of entering this life, exiting is full of unknowns, even for those who have… Continue reading Just Not Ready

Out of sight

I have never really stopped to think about the number of patients that have passed through my care over the years. Guessing would do it no justice because even my most hard thought estimate probably wouldn’t even come close. The different types of nursing that I have chosen to explore have allowed me to see… Continue reading Out of sight

Life on the Road

Most of my posts are all about the emotions involved with hospice but, this time I thought I would lighten the mood a bit. Life as a home based hospice nurse is full of lots of adventures. Any home health provider will have a colorful array of stories, tips and advice. I’ve amassed a few… Continue reading Life on the Road

The Lessons of Death

As a parent, I find myself always seeking out wisdom, in every way, to pass on to my children. It struck me, as I driving home from a difficult passing, that I have the goldmine of lessons right in front of me. So, what is it that I have been taught? Being kind, no matter… Continue reading The Lessons of Death

The Let Go

When I first began this role as a hospice nurse, it was so difficult for me to grasp the concept that my path with each patient has an end point. Please don’t misunderstand, it was understood that I was involved with each patient in order to help them pass as comfortable and as much on… Continue reading The Let Go


On a recent afternoon, I was texting with a former coworker. We had not talked in a while and were playing the catch up game. Talk shifted to my job and how it seems to be the opposite of everything nurses are supposed to do. Instead of standing guard and blocking the attempts of death… Continue reading Mirror


I know that it’s my job I know that it is what I am supposed to do I know that it is the reason I am brought into this situation. My role is that of leader, guide, hand holder, truth teller and comforter. But, sometimes, the lines blur a bit, the blue runs into the… Continue reading Blur