Life on the Road

Most of my posts are all about the emotions involved with hospice but, this time I thought I would lighten the mood a bit. Life as a home based hospice nurse is full of lots of adventures. Any home health provider will have a colorful array of stories, tips and advice. I’ve amassed a few… Continue reading Life on the Road

The Lessons of Death

As a parent, I find myself always seeking out wisdom, in every way, to pass on to my children. It struck me, as I driving home from a difficult passing, that I have the goldmine of lessons right in front of me. So, what is it that I have been taught? Being kind, no matter… Continue reading The Lessons of Death

The Let Go

When I first began this role as a hospice nurse, it was so difficult for me to grasp the concept that my path with each patient has an end point. Please don’t misunderstand, it was understood that I was involved with each patient in order to help them pass as comfortable and as much on… Continue reading The Let Go


On a recent afternoon, I was texting with a former coworker. We had not talked in a while and were playing the catch up game. Talk shifted to my job and how it seems to be the opposite of everything nurses are supposed to do. Instead of standing guard and blocking the attempts of death… Continue reading Mirror


I know that it’s my job I know that it is what I am supposed to do I know that it is the reason I am brought into this situation. My role is that of leader, guide, hand holder, truth teller and comforter. But, sometimes, the lines blur a bit, the blue runs into the… Continue reading Blur

The Presence Present

The words flow like rivers from both sides of the bed. Words of unspoken feelings and emotions. Sounds that form sentences, which for whatever reason, until this very moment, were held captive. After they have been uttered , eyes will sometimes find their way to me, as if by some way, speaking those words in… Continue reading The Presence Present


It’s always those end of the day visits.. You know the ones where they are unplanned but you have this overwhelming pull to go The ones where it has been a long day already… you could easily just head home to chart, but, at the intersection that would decide the fate, the choice is made… Continue reading Special


A few weeks ago, I was seated around the bedside of a mother and grandmother, talking with her children. The patient was dancing between this world and the next, so peacefully and her daughters were just relived that she was finally reaching the end of a years long struggle. It had glorious highs with hopeful… Continue reading Allowed


“You can always tell that a job is difficult when you tell fellow nurses you are a hospice nurse and they say “Oh, wow, that has to be so rough!”  Truth be told, this job isn’t easy. It’s not one you take because the hours work with your lifestyle or because you hope to have… Continue reading Favorite

The Shock

Do you ever feel like you aren’t the nurse that others think you are?