The Circle of Grief

Grief is not linear
There are no fixed points or endings

Grief is more circular
There are better days,
Where you feel just at the top of the circle
There are sad days
Where the lows pull you down to the bottom
But, always our hearts, our minds and our spirits are traveling the course of the circle… round and round…
Some days are better and memories make us smile
Some days are awful and memories dissolve us into tears.

One thing is certain, just as the circle has no end, grief has no end.

Time can often ease the sharp stab of a loved one’s passing.
But, just like that wound, it might get better but the scar remains forever

Grief is the proof that we have loved
Grief is the proof that part of our soul is forever gone.

Some say that grief is the tax paid for having dared to care for another.

It can be all consuming.
It is often overwhelming.
Your whole world has crumbled and life as you knew it is no more.

But, just like the daffodils in springtime, who dare to peek their heads up from the harsh winter snow, so will you one day wake to realize life still needs you to live it.
You will carry your scar.
You will cherish your memories.

Grief is never gone
Just as your love remains
So does grief.

But, one day you will say their name and the tears will not spring up.
Instead, a warm feeling and a smile.

By Helen Haddick BSN RN CHPN

RN who has just left critical care in the hospital for hospice. Join me for my journey Please feel free to leave comments and like if you enjoy this

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