What’s It Worth?

I am exhausted.. it’s been a crazy long day. I left the house this am before having had coffee and returned home, exhausted. Lunch was a diet soda, which I grabbed as I was getting gas. I kept thinking that after the next visit, I would find a decent bathroom to help my screaming bladder, but, that kept being pushed aside. Today’s total mileage was over 200. My Jeep is a literal disaster. The mud on the floor mats matches the mud on my shoes because some of the places I visit don’t have paved driveways. There are many places where the gps stops working and I have zero contact with the outside world.

I walk into houses with all types of people. I have walked into screaming matches and fist fights. I have walked into relatives sobbing quietly so as not to alarm the patient. Husbands crying for wives. Children crying for their parents. It’s never easy. This job isn’t sunshine and rainbows. So, why do it? Nursing has so many branches, why seek out the emotionally exhausting?

The answers are many….

For the gratitude from an exhausted family who looks to you for hope

For the warmth of the hand that seeks yours, squeezing softly with appreciation

For the tear streaked faces who ache for compassion

For the exasperated husband who hold up pill bottles and prescriptions, terrified he will somehow with his actions, hurt his wife.

For the doctor, with limited experience in hospice, who seeks your advice

For families who via your help are able to enjoy their loved ones final days.

For the patient, who might have had a tumultuous passing, but thanks to you, is able to pass peacefully and without pain.

It’s worth the exhaustion.

It’s worth the cranky bladders

It’s worth the moments away from our loved ones.

It’s worth it.

All the time.

Every time.

By Helen Haddick BSN RN CHPN

RN who has just left critical care in the hospital for hospice. Join me for my journey Please feel free to leave comments and like if you enjoy this


    1. Ppl just dont know that nurses do more than they are called to do or get payed to do.And still try keep a happy home of thiers.And Vounteers too.Which I was one for a year almost.My older sister had cancer ask me to help her until her death .Which I did .Then they want me to come back.And still beca volunteer. I said I lost so many with cancer at that time.I just couldn’t do for a while.Then I lost another brother and my dad after that of cancer.And before that 2 more brothers my mom with cancer too.

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